Niklas Leifert Niklas Leifert, born in 1983, grew up in Hamburg, Geneva and Washington D.C. After completing his civil service he studied International Business Administration and obtained a diploma in Aviation Management. In 2006 he then decided to follow his creative passion and study acting in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland at the Bern University of the Arts, from where he graduated in 2011.
Diego Brentano Diego Brentano was born in 1984 in Bern and grew up in Brugg in the Swiss Canton of Aargau. After completing high school in Baden, in 2008 he began his studies at the Bern University of the Arts, from where he graduated with a bachelor in theatre in 2011. He further pursues a masters degree at the same university. His key interests lie in film and theatre, in particular in acting, directing, and writing for stage and screen.
Moss Kabaka Moss Kabaka was born into an Ishan tribe in an ancient town of the old Benin kingdom, called Esan Novbimwen by the Benin monarch. Today it is known as Benin-city in Edo state, Nigeria. Moss left Nigeria as a teenager to begin a new phase in his life – in what is called the western world. Diego Brentano and Niklas Leifert spotted Moss in 2009 and wrote the role of Jibril specifically with him in mind. Moss is a cool headed, easy going human being. He can be found throughout the city of Bern, rehearsing his film and music scripts.
Stephanie Müller-Hagen Stephanie Müller-Hagen, born in Hamburg in 1982, begann her acting career at theatres in Hamburg and Berlin. She then studied acting at the Bern University of the Arts, completing her degree in 2010. She now works out of Hamburg and can currently be seen in the Jerry Suen film Within the Tides and on stage in the Marburg Theatre production of Don Juan, as Donna Elvira.
Natalie Kathmann Natalie Kathmann was born in the beautiful city of Dresden, Saxony, in Germany. However, Saxony should not remain the only benefactor of Natalie’s creative thirst for knowledge. She went on to feed her creative desires with Swabian Spaetzle, English Tea, dirty plates at a restaurant in Paderborn, greek dances, sunrises in Berlin – and passionately channels all of these experiences on stage at the Bern University of the Arts since 2009.
Sarah Navarro Sarah Navarro was born in 1982 in Hamburg, Germany. Her interest in music is not exactly an accident – it is shared by her Portuguese mother and Italian father. After years of practice in church choirs and schoolbands, Sarah wrote and produced four demo songs in 2002 and began her career as a singer/songwriter with performances in clubs. She was soon discovered by a producer and released her first album Game Over in 2004, on which she sings in Italian.
In 2005 Lead Recording Studio in Rome engaged her to sing at a number of high profile events in Italy. In 2006 Scegli Me was released in Italy as a single from Sarah's second album Movin On. The song became a huge hit. Since 2011 Sarah is working on new songs in Portuguese and English. In Giorni della Merla Sarah plays a singer and performs a live version of her song Scegli Me.
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