Directors, Original Screenplay, Producers, Casting, Editors
Diego Brentano & Niklas Leifert, two actors, both students at the Bern University of the Arts, class of 2011, decided to follow their dream and formed an ambitious team to realise their first feature film: Giorni della Merla – Days of the Blackbird.
Director of Photography
Nora Born Nora Born, born and raised in Basel, has dedicated the last ten years to music and film. She currently studies Process Design and Facilitation at the Institut HyperWerk (FHNW) and, as part of her graduation thesis, is lead organiser of the two day festival Trauer Feier. Besides composing, giving concert performances, and launching her debut album, she has also worked on several documentaries and feature films.
Sound Recording and Editing
Mourad Keller Mourad Keller was born in Zurich in 1986. In 2009 he graduated from the SAE Institute Zurich and begins his career as sound engineer on various short films. For Giorni della Merla he is not only responsible for sound recording on set, he further oversaw the editing of sound and the recording of a part of the soundtrack.
Original Score
Manfred Plessl is an Austrian composer and musician. Since 2004 he is violist in the renowned Acies Quartet. Since 1999 he has composed music for a number of films. Manfred Plessl is responsible for the magical score of Giorni della Merla.
Jibril's Piano Play
Dave Scherler Dave Scherler is a versatile composer and musical arranger. His inimitable style includes elements of jazz, classical music and many other genres. He recently composed music to the animated short film Nachkriegszeit (directed by Valentin Kemmner) that won the Bern Film Funding's 1st prize in the category New Talent.
Claudia Schaffner
Color Grading
Felix Hüsken & FARBKULT
Nicolo Bernasconi
Costume Design
Benamine Moser After studying Philosophy, Art History and Ethnology, Benjamine Moser worked as a journalist. In 1995 she opened a studio for fashion design in Bern and organized various art exhibitions. She currently writes novels and poetry. She generously supported this project with countless hours spent gathering costumes and props for Giorni della Merla.
Make-Up Artist
Stephanie Metzner
Set Design Astano
Benjamine Moser, Sarah Mangelberger, Mourad Keller
Gaffer Astano
Lorenz Baumgarten, Simon Derksen, Marius Mahler, Sarah Mangelberger
Gaffer Hamburg
Tillo Spreng
Directing Assistants Astano
Udita Bhargava, Simon Käser, Maximilian von Mühlen
Camera Assistants Astano
Lorenz Baumgarten, Sarah Mangelberger
Camera Assistant Hamburg
Tillo Spreng
Production Assistant Astano
Sarah Mangelberger
Accomodation Astano
Albergo della Posta Astano
Accomodation Hamburg
Uschi Mühler & Sighart Leifert, Anna Bohaumilitzky
Catering Astano
Brigitte & Piero Cella
Catering Hamburg
Elisabeth Navarro & Italbrot GmbH
Crew Transport Astano
Michèlle Cella
Russian Language Support
Ksenia Rumyantseva
Bavarian Language Support
Eva-Maria Kapser
Poster Concept and Title Design
Christian Fillies
Original Poster Artwork
Jonas Bechstein