Nicoletta & Max Brentano
for their generous personal and financial support.
Hugo Ryser & the Medialab Team of the Bern University of the Arts
for providing us with the necessary technical equipment and their know-how.
Branko Zekovic
for inspring us with the legend of I Giorni della Merla.
Hugo Sigrist, Tomas Flachs-Nobrega & Peter-Jakob Kelting
for their assistance regarding the script.
Hugo Sigrist, Markus Baumann & Hugo Ryser
for their overall project support.
Nicoletta Brentano, Sybille Bulloch, Marie-Christine Madert,
Saara Pettinen, Ksenia Rumyantseva & Laura Sánchez Serrano
for ambitiously translating the screenbook into Italian, English, French, Finnish, Russian, and Spanish.
Beat Müller & Samuel Gfeller
for their song recording assistance.
Wolfram Heberle & Florian Reichert
for being cool about our madness.
Eddy & Ahu
for their kindness and hot coffee at the gas station.
Anne Welenc & Reto Stalder
for portraying young Astrid & Stuart.
Bern Museum of Natural History
for lending us the taxidermised blackbird.
Pierre Schaer
for catching the big fish.
Eugen Schmidhauser
for the original photographs on Stuarts postcards.
Angelo Convertino
for kindly lending us his Mercedes.
Juha Ojala & his mother
for providing us with the Finnish plates.
for providing the Finnish coffee box.
Elisabeth Navarro
for decorating the bistro with her paintings.
Mathias Kuntze-Braack & Seljam Ziberi
for allowing us to shoot at the legendary Tankstelle Thadenstrasse.
Natascha Moschini
for her loving kindness.
The families of Diego Brentano and Niklas Leifert
for constantly asking when they can finally watch this movie.
The village of Astano & the city of Hamburg
for their charming sceneries.
Matthias Arfmann
Gabriela Bader
Johannes Bieser
Sandra Binder
Martin Maria Blau
Julia Bodamer
The Bohaumilitzkys
Trix Bühler
Martin Christ
Igor Dovgal
Erhard Giesen
Tobias Gutmann
Mark Kessler
Norbert Klassen
Franticek Klossner
Felix Kopp
David Landolf
Shahab Madani
Toni Malten
Dirk Meier
Christine Messerli
Guglielmo Vittorio Meyer
Saara Pettinen
Joe Rüdinger
Ralf Samens
Michael Schärer
Martin Schinagl
Wendelin Schmidt-Ott
Richard Schmutz
André Schneider
Andi Schoon
Leonie Stein
Juri Steinhart
Bjørn Strømme
Stefan a.k.a. ultron72
Alexandra Wittenburg
And very special thanks to the whole cast, crew & everybody who supported
our first feature film with their effort, heart, and without being pampered in cash.
You're the best and we love you!